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Aug 25
BATM - Volley Ball & Throw Ball Tournament 2018 !!!
35725 Cedar Blvd, Newark, CA 94560-1324, United States
Apr 21
தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு விழா 2018
Gale Ranch , 6400 Main Branch Rd, San Ramon, California 94582

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Tamil Manram's accomplishments in the past 25 years are numerous. We have tried to list some of the achievements in the recent past.

  • Tamil Manram played a key role in setting up a Tamil Chair in U.C. Berkeley.
  • Tamil Manram has donated several thousand dollars worth of Tamil books to bay area libraries. The books range from ancient literature to modern literature.
  • Tamil Manram played a key role in raising funds for Tamil Internet Conference 2002.
  • Harvard University Press has published its first book on Tamil "Early Tamil Epigraphy: From the Earliest Times to the Sixth Century A.D." by Thiru. Iravatham Mahadevan. Tamil Manram is one of the patrons of this book.
  • Tamil Manram has honored Prof. George Hart, Tamil Chair Professor, U.C. Berkeley on his publication of Puranaanuru translation and more recently with a Lifetime achievement award for his service to Tamil.
  • Tamil Manram brings Tamil scholars from India to speak on literary topics. In the recent past, we had Dr. Madhivanan speak on "Language Archaeology" and present his research on the links between Tamil and other ancient languages. He was a student of Thevaneyap Paavaanar. In another event, Thiru. Kumari Ananthan gave a talk on Silappathikaram. In 2003 we brought thiru. Solomon Poppiah and hosted a pattimanram.
  • Tamil Manram also conducted events like Kamban Vizha, Bharathi Vizha, Thevaneyap Paavaanar Centenary Celebration. We conduct Muthamiz Vizha each year.
  • Bay Area Tamil Manram staged Mahakavi Bharathiar's "Panchali Sabatham" as a kavithai natakam. We also staged "Akkini Kunju" a play on Bharathiar's life. Local artists staged both these plays.
  • BATM conducted Tamil Isai thirunaal in 2002 in which more than 50 local artistes participated and sang songs from ancient literatures like Puranaanuru to songs by contemporary poets.
  • We also conduct unique cultural programs like folk music show by Pushpavanam Kuppusami and Mrs. Anita Kuppusami.
  • By conducting Children's Events regularly, Tamil Manram encourages our children to learn Tamil culture and for parents to have an opportunity to reinforce cultural values to the children.
  • Tamil Manram also raises funds for social cause for non-profit organizations. To name a few:
    • We raised around $10K for Udhavum Karangal.
    • We raised $20K for Sankara Eye Foundation in 2003.
    • We raised over $7K for the victims of the Kumbakonam fire tragedy.
    • We raised $30K for various charities for Tsunami relief in 2005.

Tamil Manram as always stays committed to the promotion of Tamil, Tamil culture and encouraging local talent. Whether it is iyal, isai or naatakam, Tamil Manram has always been an outlet to provide a stage for the local talents to exhibit their creativity.